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Kymira Calf Sleeve

Brand: Kymira

KYMIRA products are made from a fabric whose fibres contain optically responsive minerals that are embedded within a holofibre. This revolutionary responsive textile was developed by the guys at Celliant, Callifornia.

The optically responsive minerals embedded within the fibres are woven into a blended fabric meaning that heat and infrared radiation emitted by the human body can be captured and re-emitted back in the form of far-infrared radiation. This results in a host of benefits which are described below. The technology used in KYMIRA fabrics also allows the minerals to act as lenses capturing environmental heat and light radiation which is then re-emit it as infrared radiation onto the wearer.

Clinical studies on KYMIRA products have shown that their use can increase tissue oxygen levels by 20%. This has the potential to dramatically improve, power, endurance and rates of recovery in sports men and women ranging from the elite to the hobby athletes.

At KYMIRA we are combining the advantages of our fabrics with compression technology and designs to further improve the performance enhancing effects. Research into compression clothing has provided evidence that it can increase venous return of blood to the heart, which results in an increase in cardiac output and stroke volume. The increased venous return will also remove lactic acid from muscles quicker and promote post-exercise muscle recovery to further the beneficial effects of the infrared exposure.

•Increased Circulation: Exposure to infrared radiation causes vasodilation of blood vessels due to an increase in the production of Nitric Oxide Sythases (NOS). This in turn causes an increase in Nitric Oxide (NO) production/synthesis which causes the vasodilatory action. This effect has been studied using CelliantTM fabrics (Vatansever and Hamblin, 2012; Vladimirov, 2004; Lavery, 2003).

•Increased Oxygenation: This is partly due to the increase in circulation as more blood reaches the muscle tissue. However studies have also found that infrared exposure increases the production of blood cells which can further improve oxygenation. Clinical studies have been conducted on both CelliantTM inclusive fabrics and on KYMIRA prototype garments (McClue, 2005; Lavery, 2003; Washington, 2013).

•Increased rate of recovery/Cellular growth, repair and replication:  KYMIRA products can increase the wearer’s rate of recovery from injuries, wounds and exercise. Infrared exposure increases the respiratory metabolism of exposed cells which are caused by changes in mitochondria during exposure to infrared. Studies on full thickness wound healing have shown significantly increased rates of healing during non-heating IR exposure (Toyokawa et al, 2003; Whelan, 2001). Partly due to an increase in cellular metabolism, mitosis, and transforming growth factor (TGF) beta1 expressing myofibroblasts and collagen content were increased. In addition infrared has been shown to induce a signal cascades which results in an increase in metabolic processes such as calcium ion release or DNA synthesis. The culmination of these effects result in a quicker replenishment of energy both during and after exercise, increased cellular replication and increased rates of cellular repair.

•Increased ATP production: mechanisms are not fully understood at present however it is thought that this is due to a response on the enzyme Cytocrome C Oxidase (CCO) (Quirk and Whelan, 2011) and the effect on water molecules.

•Muscle relaxation: Although a tight muscle may not cause injury, it may cause tight muscle group which can lead to imbalances, compensation and injury. KYMIRA products can actually help to prevent injury and improve comfort through the relaxation of muscles, this is again achieved due to the relationship between infrared, NO and our bodies.

•Pain Relief: The pain relief response that we see when people wear KYMIRA products actually works on the same metabolic pathways as taking an opiate does (although the effects are less potent). When you take an opiate it causes the release of NO, activating a molecule known as cyclic Guanine Mono-Phosphate (cGMP), which mediates the pain relief response. When wearing KYMIRA products NO is produced as previously described and the need for drugs is essentially by-passed. Studies have been conducted on pain relief using CelliantTM inclusive garments (Burke, 2009; Gordon, 2008; Leung et al, 2008

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Kymira Calf Sleeve
Kymira Calf Sleeve
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