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Zensah Compression Socks with Graduated Compression

Product code: 300255
Brand: Zensah
Zensah compression socks incorporate a graduated compression material design to enhance blood circulation and oxygen flow with a view to increasing performance for athletes, enabling them to run further, cycle longer, and generally train harder.

In addition Zensah compression socks incorporate arch support as part of the sock allowing an athletes legs to last longer during endurance and distance events. Designed and engineered by athletic trainers Zensah compression socks use seamless technology ensuring superior comfort and preventing chafing or skin irritation common with other brands.

Furthermore they provide muscle support for both shins and calves mitigating the effects of impacts on shins splints and calf weaknesses. The higest degree of compression is at the foot of the compression socks and as one moves upward, the level of compression reduces, thereby preventing blood from pooling in your feet and helping to improve circulation.

Compression Socks may be worn before exercise to help with muscle activation and to decrease the risk of injury, during exercise for optimal athletic performance, or post-exercise to provide faster recovery for muscles.

Zensah Compression Socks are a must have for runners, cyclists, triathletes and travellers!


Size Men Women Europe
S <6 5 - 7 35 - 37.5
M 6 - 9 7.5 - 9. 5 37 - 40.5
L 9.5 - 12 10 - 12.5 41 - 44.5
XL 12.5 - 1

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Zensah Compression Socks with Graduated Compression
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